Coming in 2019: 
THE BANISHED intertwines a Victorian tale of gothic horror with a modern psychological thriller. 
Rival factions of witches in 1880s Bucharest disagree over how to fortify themselves while safeguarding the coven’s long-term survival. Empowerment spells of the hardliners leave behind corpses that invite investigation, while a rebellious couple and their son Travis explore black magic techniques that terrify, but don’t kill. Fear alone nourishes the family and spares the lives of townspeople—an approach they champion as enlightened because victims survive with no recollection of their torment. Decades later, after a grave mistake gets them banished by the hardliners, Travis perfects the unorthodox spells of his parents in the USA, with the goal of fueling himself for revenge.
As Travis wreaks havoc of his own, he battles the delusion that his parents’ techniques are somehow painless, and cannot ignore the suffering unleashed by the dark impulses of his nature.
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